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Described by many as a festival within a festival, our healing recovery space provides grounding and sacred time to unwind and rejuvenate away from the bustle and mayhem. Melt in a hammock, recharge in the sunshine or lounge by the fire in the lodge.


No need to book – Available at our reception, a Lost Horizon wristband allows you entry throughout the festival.


Take a look around, and come join us by the fire…

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The Sauna


The luxurious wood-fired yurt sauna is sizzling from 8am- 2am. Housed in ash and canvas with cedar benches and floor the sauna can comfortably seat at least 16 people and runs at temperatures between 85-100 degrees C.


Fuel for the wood burning stove is responsibly sourced from locally coppiced hardwoods. Our friendly crew help keep the sauna hot and you hydrated. A truly cleansing and rejuvenating experience in a calm and comfortable atmosphere.


If you’re lucky you may experience the famous Aufguss infusion ritual. Hot, humid air is created by pouring water enriched with essential oils on to the heated stones. A burst of vapour with health enhancing properties is released. A large towel is used to agitate the air, fanning those present, who need do nothing more than breathe deeply to allow the essential oils to work their magic.


The burst of enriched air is a subtle pleasure to the senses, enhancing the many benefits already enjoyed in the dry sauna.

The Stage


The solar garden stage runs all day with shows ranging from acoustic and folk to ease you into the morning to world, reggae, swing and gypsy jazz to jump-start your afternoon.


Some of the best musicians on the festival circuit have played often promoting and joining in with the naturist theme.


Past stage invasions include…

The Turbans, The John Langan Band, Backyard Rhythm Orchestra, Duncan Disorderly & the Scallywags, Jez Hellard & The Djukella Orchestra, Avalon Roots, Carrie Tree, Chicken Shed Zeplin, Crinkle Cuts, De Fuego, Dr Bluegrass and the Hillbilly 8, Heal the Last Stand, John Fairhurst, Tell Tale Tusk, Rum Buffalo, Mama Jerk and the Lady Fingers, and many many more.


The stage will return to Glastonbury and Secret Garden Party in 2016. Whilst we are unable to offer performers tickets, should you wish to play please send links to your tunes to CalmCarl: solarstage@losthorizon.org.uk


The Sun Lodge


Comfy and cosy with cushions and sheep skins, the tipi sun lodge is the space to stretch out next to the warmth of the fire.


It’s no wonder so many people fall in love with Tipis. Touching the ground and reaching for the sky, harnessing the elemental forces of nature. To live in a Tipi is to return to a simpler, more easy way of being on the earth.


In the heat of a sunny day the sides are rolled up and with the smoke hole it is very well ventilated, while the rain catcher keeps you dry.


Tipi’s dictate to us a way of being that brings us closer to the earth and her cycles, spiritually , mentally and physically.
Immersed in the elements you can truly begin to learn the ways of earth, air, fire and water helping you connect with nature.

The Cafe


Food is such an intrinsic part of daily life that it is often overlooked. We seek to honour the subtle and dynamic relationships between the food we eat, our mental and physical states and the conditions of the wider world; as such we seek out only the finest organic ingredients for inclusion in our gourmet vegan menu.


Prepared from raw ingredients daily, our signature mezze platter includes freshly made wholemeal spelt flat-bread, and a whole host of dips and salads depending on local and seasonal availability.


Breakfast is our own home made blend of wheat free muesli, rich in nuts and select dried fruits from around the world, with which we offer fresh fruit and a range of different milk to suit your taste.


You can also relish an amazing selection of handmade artisan chocolates, as well as many of the usual snacks and drinks that you might find in your local health food store.


Special-import, genuinely fair trade coffee, and every type of tea imaginable can be found somewhere on or under our counter, as well as freshly made juices and iced lemonade. For something a bit stronger try our Turkish coffee or sweet spicy chai – frequently heralded as the best chai on site!




Situated in a quiet corner of the garden you will find our beautiful wood tree massage yurt. A wide range of treatments including, Swedish massage, holistic massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, acupressure, sports massage, deep tissue and reiki.


Our massage therapist are fully qualified and insured professionals practicing across the UK.


Book your appointment at reception. We also offer walk in treatments for chair massage and reflexology with details provided on signs in the garden. Prices and treatment times will vary as per event.


Our therapists:

    • Megan Mills, MCNHC, MTI: Holistic massage
    • Shanti Geha, MTI: Holistic massage
    • Ally Foster, MFHT: Reflexology, reiki, acupressure chair massage, holistic massage, deep tissue and sports massage

What else?


Hire a fresh clean towel, grab a home made natural soap, secure your valuables and charge your phone with solar power at reception. You’ll find a comfortable yurt for your clothes, showers, plunge pool, a large lawn for sunbathing and a bonfire.


From felt making workshops to yoga, hula hooping to talks on Permaculture, share your knowledge and skills and help us through this time of transition or just enjoy play in the sunshine. Get involved!


Through a practical exploration of community living and direct contact with the elements we wish to inspire and empower a deeper connection to the natural world with a focus on well being, conscious ethical naturism and environmental sustainability.


We create a much loved and unique atmosphere guaranteed to leave you with a warm glow and bounce in your step.


>> Find Yourself at Lost Horizon <<


See you in the fields soon ❀