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Keep this space alive…

Help us bring Lost Horizon Sauna back to the fields 


Weʼre raising £6,000 to help get us back on our feet again


Lost Horizon JustGiving Crowdfunder


Hello beautiful people. We apologise for lack of comms recently, we’ve been going through a difficult year. With no Glastonbury festival this year and two of the four festivals we had planned falling through plus expensive damage to our transport, we are left in debt and unable to continue without your help.


Lost Horizon has never been about making money which is why we are in this position but also why we have such a beautiful magical safe space. If you feel able to donate funds to help us recover to our feet again please do.
Love to everyone who has enjoyed our space over the years <3


Costs include repairing insuring and putting back on the road our 18 ton lorry, annual repair to the rig including the burner and flue pipe, public liability insurance and money for food, wood, and fuel into the first gig Glastonbury which is big and expensive to set up.


Breakdown of costs

Lorry repair & MOT – £1400

Lorry insurance & road tax – £892

Operators licence renewal – £1081

Debt from this year – £1470

Public liability insurance – £588

New sauna burner & flue – £925

Annual repairs to the rig – £250

Total – £6606

Additional costs to get us into Glastonbury, the first gig of the year

Wood – £400

Gas – £180

Fuel for transport – £200

Food – £850

Total – £1630

What we can offer you in return

If you are able to make a donation of £30 of more we can offer you a weekend wristband into Lost Horizon at Glastonbury (you will need your own Glastonbury festival ticket of course!), or a 50% discount on your ticket at our next pop-up gig.

We are so immensely grateful for your support.

Described by many as a festival within a festival, Lost Horizon is truly unique. Our garden is a well held and body positive space that festival goers have come to rely on. A hidden garden oasis incorporating a luxurious wood-fired yurt sauna, cosy tipi and live outdoor stage, it’s an area where people can be naked and free around open fires.


We need your support to keep this space alive <3 


>> Find Yourself at Lost Horizon <<


Life is short. Party naked!
Guaranteed to leave you with a warm glow and bounce in your step.


 Lost Horizon 2019 

Spring Magic Sauna Party

More info coming soon…


Glastonbury Festival

To be confirmed…

Take a look around…

The Garden

Described by many as a festival within a festival, our healing recovery space provides grounding and sacred time to unwind and rejuvenate away from the bustle and mayhem. Melt in a hammock, recharge in the sunshine or lounge by the fire in the lodge.

sauna-door 1200x798
The Sauna

Housed in a beautiful ash framed canvas yurt with cedar wood floors and benches our sizzling hot sauna can comfortably seat 16 people. The wood burner is fired by responsibly sourced locally coppiced hardwoods and runs at temperatures between 85-100°C.

The Stage

Our 100% solar powered stage provides the entertainment for the garden. Showcasing folk music, gypsy jazz, Celtic, Balkan, bluegrass, poetry and happy summer tunes from our DJ’s the entertainment perfectly compliments the chilled festival feeling our space creates.


Despite all the technology surrounding renewable energy, it’s not a new invention. In 200 BC, people in China would use windmills to pump water and grind grain, and Romans were the first to use geothermal energy to heat houses.


The heat in a sauna is around 180-200 degrees fahrenheit, envelopes the body, causing sweat production to increase. Many sauna bathers will tell you it produces the ultimate “clean” feeling. Others will tell you it enhances their well being. And others will swear it’s their secret to health. -global healing centre.


Naturism is for everybody. Lost horizon is a family friendly area and we encourage parents to bring their children. Kids are enthusiastic naturists because they have not yet learned to be ashamed about there bodies and we can all learn from that advice. From 0-99 years and more, everyone is welcome.

If you’d like Lost Horizon to help make your gathering that extra bit special head this way…

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