Melt in a hammock, book a massage, recharge in the​ sunshine or lounge by the fire in the lodge.

Take a look around and join us by the fire...

Relaxing & Fun!

We have the best of both worlds in our little oasis. 
Sweat it out in the sauna, join in with a range of workshops, enjoy some peace and quiet or dance about and socialise!

Warm & Cozy 

Our sun lodge is filled with good vibes and lots of cushions for comfortable chill sessions.
Keep warm with the central fire at night, making this the perfect place to relax day or night.

the sauna

Did you have so much fun dancing at last night’s show that your body aches? Relaxing in the sauna can help relax your muscles and revitalise you for your next night of fun!

For the ultimate festival spa experience, look no further than our welcoming wood-fired yurt sauna. Housed in ash and canvas with cedar benches and floor the sauna can comfortably seat at least 16 people and runs at temperatures between 85-100 °C.

Fuel for the wood-burning stove is responsibly sourced from locally coppiced hardwoods. 
Our friendly crew are always happy to keep the sauna hot and help you stay hydrated throughout your visit.

the stage

Our Solar Stage offers a range of entertainment throughout the day, with an assortment of musical styles. 
You could be easing into the morning with acoustic and folk vibes and jump-start your afternoon with some reggae, swing and gypsy jazz.

Some of the best musicians on the festival circuit have played often promoting and joining in with the naturist theme.
Past stage invasions include…The Turbans, The John Langan Band, Backyard Rhythm Orchestra, Duncan Disorderly & the Scallywags, Jez Hellard & The Djukella Orchestra, Avalon Roots, Carrie Tree, Chicken Shed Zeplin, Crinkle Cuts, De Fuego, Dr Bluegrass and the Hillbilly 8, Heal the Last Stand, John Fairhurst, Tell Tale Tusk, Rum Buffalo, Mama Jerk and the Lady Fingers, and many many more.
The stage will return to Glastonbury and Secret Garden Party in 2023!

Whilst we are unable to offer performers tickets to the festival, we can offer them sauna wristbands allowing them access to our space for the entire festival! 
Should you wish to play please send links to your tunes to CalmCarl.

 Email here


Comfy and cosy with cushions and welcoming decor, the tipi sun lodge is the space to stretch out next to the warmth of the fire in the evenings.

Tipi’s are wonderful welcoming structures touching the ground and reaching for the sky, harnessing the elemental forces of nature. 

To experience a Tipi is to return to a simpler, easy way of life.
Immersed in the elements you can truly begin to learn the ways of earth, air, fire and water helping you connect with nature.


Our massage therapists offer a wide range of treatments and are fully qualified, insured professionals practicing across the UK.

We all love partying hard at festivals, why not treat yourself to a relaxing spa treatment?

You can book an appointment at our reception. Prices and treatment times will vary at each event.

Appointments can fill up fast! Book in early to avoid disappointment.

what else?

Hire a fresh clean towel, grab a homemade natural soap, secure your valuables and charge your phone with solar power at reception. 
You’ll find a comfortable yurt for your clothes, showers, a plunge pool, open fires and a large garden for sunbathing. 
We even have a trampoline!

We like to encourage creativity and wholesome living through workshops and activities like felt making, yoga, hula hooping, and sharing ideas and skills. 
Workshops and activities may vary at each event.
Updates for each event will be posted on our social media.

Through a practical exploration of community living and direct contact with the elements, we wish to inspire and empower a deeper connection to the natural world with a focus on well-being, conscious ethical naturism and environmental sustainability.
We create a much loved and unique atmosphere guaranteed to leave you with a warm glow and bounce in your step.

See you in the fields soon ❀